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aecht schlenkerla rauhbier, 5.5%, 100% smoked malt, bacony classic. bamburg.
$9 12oz

sierra celebration, 6.8%, piney hops with a santa-sized malt backbone. ca
$7 pint

Greenport anti-freeze, 6.3%, dark, malty, dense, dry finish. long island.
$7 pint

carton bdg, 6%, chestnut, husky grains, touch of cocoa. nj
$6 pint



sly fox pils, 4.9%, tommy likey. pa
$6 pint

Corn rigs and barley rigs, 3.8%, berlinerweisse for white wine fans. dc
$7 12oz

Suarez small talk, 4.8%, hoppy unfiltered lager. upstate
$8 pint

modern times lomaland, 5.5%, classic grainy, chalky, thirst quenching saison. ca
$7 pint